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Reno Large Recliner Chair & Stool Classic Base by Stressless

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The over pads filled with soft foam and height adjustable neck support has made the Stressless Reno into one of our all-time favourites. It has become the symbol of what a great recliner should be; a comfortable, thought through and durable piece of furniture which gives you that great Stressless experience year after year. The comfortable neck rest can be adjusted up to 10 cm to support users that need that extra bit of length.


Product Information

- Product dimensions, Classic Small
W 72cm x H 94cm x cm D 70cm. Seat height 38cm
- Product dimensions, Classic Medium
W 75cm x H 100cm x cm D 71cm. Seat height 40cm
- Product dimensions, Classic Large
W 85cm x H 100cm x cm D 77cm. Seat height 42cm
- Product dimensions, Footstool
W 54cm x H 38cm x cm D 39cm

- Stressless with Power is a great alternative to a recliner and separate footstool. The integrated footrest has a slim design, elegantly concealed beneath the seat
- It provides support for your legs and extends the footrest outwards by lightly pushing a button under the armrest
- The footrest is designed to follow the natural angle of your feet and can be adapted to different leg lengths, extending longer than most other footrests on the market
- It is easy to get off the chair, even when the footrest is extended
- The motorised reclining function of the backrest provides for ultimate ease and comfort
- Use the set of buttons found under the armrest next to the footrest buttons
- The Power features run on battery eliminating cords unless recharging. The magnetic charger attaches under the armrest near the set of buttons.

See your future furniture with Stressless @home:
See the Stressless furniture of your dreams live in your living room through the camera lens on your mobile or tablet. The app contains all Stressless chairs and sofas and lets you change material, colour and base just the way you want.
- Download the app from Apple App store or Google Play

- When opening the app it will automatically download all available Stressless products

- Choose model, materials, colour and base

- Activate the AR functionality and see the furniture live through the camera lens on your mobile or tablet

- 10 year internal mechanism foam and frame guarantee
- 2 year guarantee on the leather upholstery
- 5 years on electrical parts
- 2 years on the battery


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